Patchwork And Paws

Welcome to the online shop for Patchwork and Paws Dog Gear!

This shop is run by Shay, a disabled service dog handler, with communications manager Siera. Shay opened the shop in 2016 to help bring high quality gear to the service dog community and we're so proud and honored to have provided gear for hundreds of fellow handlers and pet owners! We look forward to making your gear dreams a reality!

If you'd like a behind the scenes view of our shop and see our gear being made, feel free to join our facebook group here, and tune in to our livestreams which are only posted there!

Please bear with us as COVID-19 disrupts supplier deliveries and production schedules. Wait times may be 2-3 weeks past estimated dates as we work through orders. We ARE still open and operating and will be taking and honoring online orders. We thank you for your patience and business during this time.

FAQ & Care Instructions


_Please see our Policies and Legal section below for exact wait times. 


Absolutely! We love to show off both our work directly and our happy customers with their new gear! We keep a running gallery on both Facebook and Instagram and will be uploading the same to this site as time allows and we fully transition to the shop! Models and customers alike are always welcome to send in photos of their animals in their gear!


At this time, I'm sorry to announce that I do not currently offer items to the general public in exchange for a review! I have a handful of models and select customers that I trust exclusively to test my items, and as of now all positions are currently filled. My shop is my sole source of income and my livelihood, and as I'm sure you can understand, I already offer my work at very little profit for myself and cannot afford to continually give gear away.



My gear is currently made to handle light to medium mobility work done with a pull strap, counter balance, or guide handle, such as grounding and guide work but it is in no way currently rated for heavy mobility such as bracing or for picking up your dog unless specifically stated otherwise in your customized order. It takes far higher grade material to allow for heavy mobility, often metal or leather, and even the best made equipment can be misused easily. I only guarantee my items for light mobility! Anything else will need to be discussed with me prior or at the time of making your custom gear order.


All embroidered items are heat sensitive around threading. Please do NOT iron directly over threads or subject embroidered area to high heat. Most fabric vests without embroidery (unless otherwise noted individually) are safe to iron as needed. Patches as well are heat sensitive, and if they will be ironed onto an item, PLEASE do so from the underside or use a fabric covering over the patch itself. Webbing is also very heat sensitive and will melt under a high heat iron, so please take care if item is ironed around webbing sections.

Please do not put any item made by us into the dryer. All items are suggested to be hand washed in cold to warm water, and most items will wipe clean very easily, especially the underside of vests and solid color vests made from heavy duty canvas. Patterned fabric vests and cotton vests can also be hand washed, but again we do not recommend machine washing. If an item must be machine washed, please do so on delicates in a garment bag or pillowcase, and remove patches if velcro prior to washing.

How To Measure

With a few easy steps, we can get your measurements for any vest you could want!

Please note that with these measurements, it is imperative that you measure as accurately as possible, as inaccurate measurements can result in a vest that does not fit properly, or worse possible injuries due to ill-fitting gear. We recommend using a soft measuring tape or ribbon to measure with, but these can be done with yarn, paracord, or any long thin item that can then be measured against a ruler.


Girth is measured around the largest part of the ribs, all the way around your dog. (See the orange line in the diagram) When measuring girth, the measuring tape or ribbon needs to be snug but not tight, and be sure it does not cut too tightly against the front legs, as this can cause the girth strap to be too tight when made.

Chest Strap

This only needs measured for straight front vests. This measurement is not shown in the diagram. In order to measure for a chest strap, simply measure from your dog's shoulder on one side around to the shoulder on the other side, straight across the chest.

Shoulder Strap

For Y-Front vests or harnesses, this measurement will be for the straps that go from the girth strap to the front of the chest. It is important to measure just above the line of your dog's shoulder, which is where the straps should fall. This is shown with the green line in the diagram. To measure, start at the top of your dog's shoulder, and move back until you've reached where that invisible line would intersect with the girth measurement. Then measure from that point to the sternum or center of your dog's chest.

Under-Leg Strap

For Y-Front vests or harnesses, this measurement is for the strap that goes from sternum to girth, under your dog's chest between the front legs. To measure this, start at the sternum and measure from there to where the girth line would fall directly at the bottom of your dog's rib cage, as pictured by the purple line on the diagram. This will be between the front legs, not to either side.


Handles come in three types:

Pull straps - These soft handles do not have any rigid or semi-rigid core and are meant for light forward momentum, wheelchair pull, or grounding. They do not stand on their own. To measure for these, simply loop your measuring tape from shoulder to shoulder on your dog, and extend the loop to where it is comfortable in your hand in the position it will be used in. This can vary depending on your usage, for example wheelchair pull will require a longer strap than grounding.

Counter Balance - These handles are semi-rigid and attach vertically to your dog's vest or harness. These can ONLY be used with a y-front vest or harness. To measure for these, you will start at the shoulders again, but for these the measuring tape will stand vertically from shoulders to your hand. The proper measurement will have your arm in a comfortable position at your side, not fully bent and not overextended.

Guide Handle - These handles are typically the longest handle. These are semi-rigid and have a connecting strap halfway up that works to maintain form for the handle. These lay at an angle from the front of your dog. To measure, start about 2 to 3 inches in front of your dog's shoulders, and loop the measuring tape back around to your preferred position when your dog is in guide position. This is usually ahead of where a heel position would be, but varies with each handler. As before, this will be the full measurement from shoulder to your hand and back to the other shoulder on your dog.

Policies And Legal

If for any reason, my existing order processes do not work for you, and you require additional assistance, PLEASE reach out to me via Instagram, Facebook, or via email at I am dedicated to making my shop as accessible as possible for my customers and I will do what I can to make things as easy as possible for you! Thank you!

NOTE: Due to covid-19, certain materials and hardware shipments are delayed. We are working as quickly as possible but all wait times listed below are subject to delays currently due to supplier delays. All orders may have up to a 2-3 week delay over estimated dates below.

Order processes will vary based on the type of order:

1. Pre-Designed and Stock Patches and Pre-Made Patches or Vests

These orders are primarily done via the website store here. These are orders for my stock patch designs with minimal adjustment, or pre-made items that are already made and ready to ship. These orders will be processed in order of payment, without design confirmation unless requested in the order notes. Otherwise, patches will be created within an average of 4-6 weeks and shipped to the address given via your order. Pre-made items that do not have any add-ons like additional patches usually ship within 2-3 days but can take up to a week if shipments for the week have already gone, as your pre-made only order will ship with the next batch of orders to ship. If your address needs to be changed, please contact me as soon as possible to avoid delays.

NOTE: During high volume times (website sales, holidays, etc), or due to shop owner illness, turnaround times can be extended to 6-7 weeks for stock designs as well. Please be cognizant that this shop is run by one person and large order volumes are impossible to complete in a 3 week period. My machines, sadly, only run so fast!

2. Custom Patch Orders

These custom patches can be ordered via create your own patch listings. Custom patches will be designed prior to stitching your order, and designs will be sent to you to confirm prior to stitching for patches with custom artwork or custom layouts. Text only or text and existing icon patches will not necessarily need confirmation unless requested by the customer. I will edit the provided designs up to TWO total times for free. Any adjustments after will require additional digitizing fees. After your designs are confirmed, your order will go to production and will be created and finished, for a total of 5-7 weeks total turnaround time. If your order is needed in a quicker time, I need to be made aware at time of order, or rush cannot be guaranteed. Other than listed above, NO changes or refunds will be processed UNLESS your order is delayed by more than 2 weeks from quoted completion dates.

3. Custom Vest Sets or Bulk Orders

For custom vests, if your chosen fabric is in stock, your order will follow a fairly straightforward process. I will sketch any embroidered vest design as well as any patch or embroidery designs if custom designs are included prior to making your vest and send them to you for confirmation. I will edit the designs up to TWO total times for free. Any adjustments after will require additional design fees. Once designs are confirmed, NO changes can be processed without additional adjustment fees priced depending on amount of adjustment needed; for example, a simple text change on a single patch will be a very small charge compared to a full vest fabric and size change. If your vest is a simple patterned fabric vest and has only stock patches, you will not get a mock-up unless specifically selected. We will confirm sizing however, prior to stitching up your order. From there, your vest and patches, if applicable, will be put into production together. Vests are usually put together within 11-13 weeks from payment, but please note that if your fabric is custom and must be ordered in, that time frame may be extended by up to 2 more weeks depending on the speed of fabric delivery. Some fabrics come from international shops or custom printed shops that take additional time that I have no control over. I will do my best to give you an accurate time frame when your designs are confirmed but if there are shipping delays, I will let you know as soon as I am made aware.

4. Harnesses, Collars, Leashes, Etc

Harness orders have a similar turnaround to vests at 11-13 weeks from payment. These are rarely confirmed beyond confirming fleece and webbing colors but if specific colors are requested, we may reach out to confirm prior to stitching. Collars, leashes, and other gear also are rarely confirmed beyond color selections if specific colors are requested, and have a turnaround of about 4-6 weeks.  

Most orders unless large bulk (3+ vests) are completed within 13 weeks time period. Bulk orders can range from 12 weeks up to 20+ weeks depending on size and complexity. If you place multiple orders or add on to existing orders multiple times, your order can and will be moved to bulk time frames to account for the additional items. 

RUSH ORDER NOTE: Rush items are processed as I have time and ability to do so. I do not in any way guarantee availability of rush slots. If available, rush orders will come with a rush fee dependent on the speed in which you need your order. The fastest turnaround time will be determined by what you are ordering. Pre-designed and stock patches can ship within one week. Custom patches can be shipped within 2-3 weeks. Custom vests can ship within 2-3 weeks if it is a stock fabric. I do not offer rush on vests with custom ordered fabrics as I have no control over the speed in which ordered fabrics arrive to me. There will be no exceptions to this.

Please bear with us as COVID-19 disrupts supplier deliveries and production schedules. Wait times may be 2-3 weeks past estimated dates as we work through orders. We ARE still open and operating and will be taking and honoring online orders. We thank you for your patience and business during this time.


First and foremost, PLEASE make sure to confirm your address prior to processing payment.

As I am mostly home bound with my disabilities, I have several shipping processes depending on time frame needed. All of my shipments are done via USPS, and are either sent first class or priority based on shipping method chosen.

Once your order is complete, you will receive a shipping confirmation from me directly via email, either through Paypal or through my website here. That confirmation will have a shipping date on it, which is my earliest availability to drop your package for delivery. I have a business box with my post office that is locked and secure, where my packages are picked up by a carrier. This often happens within 24 hours of your shipment date (NOTE: Not the date I create your label, but the date listed on that label for shipping date), but can take longer over weekends or holidays. From there, your package is taken to the post office directly by that carrier and then processed by my local post office. This can also take 24 hours, again more over weekends or holidays, as your package is managed through USPS and will be processed by them from there. It is very rare to have a package take longer than 3 business days to process, but please do not be concerned if your shipment does not update until that time. I allow up to 4 weeks for domestic shipments before remaking or refunding, and up to 3-4 months for international shipments. I am happy to investigate a package if needed, but please understand that I will not replace items before the above 2 or 6 week time frame unless a rush order was requested and will not arrive in time. Please DO NOT contact me until giving your item at least 5 days to process once you receive your tracking info as I often cannot even begin an investigation until 7 days from shipment date and I will have no additional info to give you until that time comes. I apologize for any confusion or delays this may cause, but again, I am home bound and this is the most secure and reliable method for my shipments. 

NOTE FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS: Due to COVID-19, international shipments are delayed for several weeks to months while borders are closed and customs overwhelmed. Once packages are processed via USPS, it is the customer's responsibility to monitor shipments and contact USPS or other postal unit to determine any delays. Once packages are shipped and in transit, Patchwork and Paws cannot replace items in transit, as international shipments currently are at buyer's risk due to current postal delays. These are outside of our control.


I always stand behind my orders, however I do have some requirements for returns and refunds. I accept returns due to damage upon arrival as well as sizing issues IF it is my error and will happily remake your order to correct this. Please verify sizing prior to processing orders, and if the error in sizing is from an incorrect measurement from you, I am unable to offer a refund on such orders. I can offer a discount on a new order with corrected measurements, and will expedite the processing of a new order, but I will not do so for free. If an item is in any way altered, cut, refitted, or taken apart by the customer, it will void this policy in full as the item has been altered. 

We do not allow for order cancellations as materials are ordered daily for orders received that day. If you would like to change your order, please let us know and we can work around new needs or changes. If we are overdue on orders by more than 2 weeks past above wait times, we can provide cancellations at that time and only at that time. Partial refunds will NOT be granted due to wait times unless at my discretion and only after wait times are exceeded by more than two weeks. If a partial refund is provided at customer request due to order cancellation, NO FURTHER REFUNDS will be provided as your order was successfully cancelled.